Moore Pushes Ridiculous Islamophobia Claim

Christian fascist Roy Moore, the odds-on favorite to be the next Senator from the state of Alabama (and you didn’t think it could get worse than Jeff Sessions), is casually passing along the ridiculous claim that Sharia law is being imposed on cities in the Midwest — while admitting he has no idea what he’s talking about.


There, reporter Jeff Stein of the website asked him, “Some right-wing conservatives think Sharia law is a danger to America — do you?”

Moore responded, “There are communities under Sharia law right now in our country. Up in Illinois. Christian communities; I don’t know if they may be Muslim communities. But Sharia law is a little different from American law. It is founded on religious concepts.”

Says the man who claims that American law is all based on the Bible and that any law that conflicts with the Bible is unconstitutional! For crying out loud, the lack of self-awareness is absolutely mind-blowing.

Stein pressed Moore to name the communities under Sharia law. He responded, “Well, there’s Sharia law, as I understand it, in Illinois, Indiana — up there. I don’t know.”

Later in the interview, Stein tried again, asking Moore to be specific and name which communities he was referring to. Moore said, “I was informed that there were. But if they’re not, it doesn’t matter. Sharia law incorporates Muslim law into the law. That’s not what we do. We do not punish people according to the Christian precepts of our faith — so there’s a difference.”

Says the man who wrote an opinion saying that the state had the power of the sword and must use it to punish and discourage homosexuality. So it’s okay when Christians advocate that, but when Muslims advocate the very same thing, that’s totally different and un-American. Fascinating. And notice how he admits that he doesn’t know, but someone told him that so he’s happy to claim it. Come up to Dearborn with me, Roy, and I’ll show you all the liquor stores and strip clubs. That’s one of those communities where ignorant bigots like you claim Sharia law is being enforced. No one who lives there seems to have noticed, including the 60% of the population that isn’t Muslim.

Ignorance, stupidity, hypocrisy, a total lack of concern for whether what he says is true or not. Yep, those are the telltale signs of a Christian fascist.

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