Rohrer: Pro-Immigration Folks are On the Side of the Antichrist

Sam Rohrer, the utterly ridiculous leader of the far-right American Pastors Network, says that those who favor immigration are on the side of the Antichrist because God created the nations the way they are when he created the world itself.


“Who is it that’s pushing for open borders?” Rohrer asked. “It’s globalists, it’s the one-world government out of which will come the Antichrist.”

Does the word “globalists” have any coherent meaning at all? I’ve never heard such a definition.

“The concept of borders and nations and languages are God’s ideas,” he continued. “God, in Acts, says He laid out the nations before the foundation of the world. He actually had defined the geographical boundaries of the nations; God laid that out. So when there is an attack on boundaries, borders, language, immigration, when there is a denial of those things, it is an attack on God himself. And ultimately, we know that Antichrist view is what is leading up to the challenge we now have.”

So he defined the geographical boundaries of the nations “before the foundation of the world”….which explains why the geographic boundaries of the nations change continually and always have? Logic. It’s your friend.

Rohrer said that globalists and Islamists are “wanting to dislodge God’s plan for the nations” through open borders and “anybody who agrees with that plan is in stark agreement with the Antichrist way of living and thinking and they are in opposition, directly, to the Bible and to Christ himself.”

Never mind the dozens and dozens of Bible verses commanding first the Jews and then the Christians to accept immigrants and treat them as they would their own families and fellow tribespeople. All of that just magically vanishes into thin air in the minds of the Christian right, which has always been far more right — and thus wrong — than Christian.

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