Bannon Bringing Jeffrey Lord With Him to Breitbart

Now that Garbage Pail Kid impersonator Steve Bannon is out of the White House and back at Breitbart, he’s looking to bring Jeffrey Lord, one of the most slavish of all Trump sycophants, with him as a contributor. Sounds like a perfect fit to me.


The Daily Beast can confirm that Lord is eyeing Breitbart, one of the most influential Trump-boosting outlets in the country, as a post-CNN gig. Two sources familiar with the situation tell The Daily Beast that, post-firing, Breitbart reached out to Lord regarding writing for the site, for a contributorship or a potentially steadier job.

Last week, Lord emailed The Daily Beast that he was indeed actively exploring post-CNN media options, stating that he had “three possibilities already! LOL!” and was “taking a week off and then back to figuring out the future.” Lord did not respond to follow-up questions regarding the specifics of said options…

One well-placed source notes that discussions between Breitbart and Lord are in the “preliminary stage” at the moment. But Lord knows many staffers at the site, due to his many years working in conservative media, long before the rise of Trumpism. And the site has often praised his work. (Lord is already a contributing writer at Newsbusters, for instance.)

There are lots of places he could go, of course. Fox News, Sinclair Broadcasting, Newsmax and many others are always on the lookout for irrational bomb throwers willing to blatantly lie to support Trump and their far-right agenda. In any real news organization, his track record of lying and making arguments so stupid that they leave your jaw agape would be a bug; in the wingnutosphere, it’s a feature.

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