Swanson Thinks Burning Man Wants to Bring Back Human Sacrifice

Hey there, folks who have attended or want to attend the Burning Man festival. Did you know that the real goal of that event is to bring back human sacrifice? I bet you didn’t. Lucky for you, demented Christian fascist and fabulist Kevin Swanson is here to set you straight.


“The only way that we can defend a law, a civil law, against the worship of false gods by way of human sacrifice or animal sacrifice is by applying Old Testament law,” Swanson said. “We don’t serve our foreign gods by human sacrifice or animal sacrifice simply because the word of God doesn’t allow for it and, as Christians, as a Christian worldview, as a Christian legislator, or as a Christian governor, I could not allow it in any given city or state because the Christian worldview only allows for a single sacrifice, and that’s already been accomplished.”

Swanson said that Burning Man is all about “radical inclusion,” which he insisted is just another name for “radical polytheism [and] radical human sacrifice. This is what they’re headed for. They want to bring human sacrifice back.”

This notion that the Old Testament outlawed human sacrifice is, of course, nonsense. What was the mass genocide against the Midians if not just a really big example of human sacrifice? They even killed pregnant women and those precious fetuses, at the direct command of God (allegedly). It’s killing in the name of God, in order to satiate his divine anger. As for Burning Man…I want whatever he’s smoking.

And remember: Major Republican presidential candidates are willing to associate with this guy.

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