Cernovich: Charlottesville was Government Plot to Keep Nazis from Getting Sex

Our old friend Mike Cernovich returned to his roots in the MRA/Pick Up Artist community to tell people that the white supremacist march in Charlottesville was a big federal government false flag operation designed to keep those poor “alt-righters” from getting laid.


“I can’t believe people didn’t know that was a honey pot,” Cernovich told his viewers. “Those torches—why do they want you to carry torches? So they can see your face and take your picture … Every one of you that was at that torch rally—you dumbasses lit your faces up for the Feds. You idiots. The Feds got every one of you.”

Cernovich continued his effort to distance himself from his Alt-Right history by warning his younger audience members to stay away from groups that openly identify as part of the Alt-Right because it will “ruin your lives” and “you’re not even going to be able to get laid.”

“Me, fortunately, I’ve been very successful in life and because of that I can afford the drama,” Cernovich said.

“If you are a 22-year-old kid and you don’t have a trust fund,” he continued, “you’re screwed man. I don’t know what to tell you. If you’re not independently wealthy and somebody Googles your name and you have some kind of involvement with this, it’s over dude. It’s over. Your life’s over.”

From his lips to women’s ears. But he’s wrong, their life is not over. Some have ended up losing their jobs over it, yes, but a great many of them will go on and continue to push their horrific views on the country. To quote the movie Heathers, they’ve got nothing to offer the world but AIDS jokes and date rape (something Cernovich says doesn’t exist, along with thinking, like his fellow racist douchebags, that “diversity is white genocide”). But in this world, sadly, that’s quite enough.

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