Fischer: God is Getting Ready to ‘Vomit Us Out’

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about Bryan Fischer, but I’m happy to report that he’s still a big steaming pile of stupid. He says God is getting ready to make the land “vomit us out” because we treat women and gay people like actual human beings, in clear violation of the Bible.


“We’re adding to that slop bucket every single day,” Fischer said. “God is waiting for us to turn in repentance, lest he has to bring a nation in and remove us from the land as he brought Israel in to remove Canaan from the land.”

Fischer said that God declared homosexuality to be an “abomination” because it produces an instinctive “inner revulsion” where “you just know there is something repulsive about that kind of sexual expression” and that acceptance of it is putting our nation’s continued existence at risk.

“If we become morally corrupt, as we’re on the way to becoming, God can bring a stronger nation in to judge us as a morally corrupt people and transfer custody of our land,” he said. “We look at America today and it’s hard not to think that God may have to judge us for our descent into moral and sexual depravity and our land may be getting ready to vomit us out.”

You know, maybe it’s time for God to have the land vomit out Israel again. They legalized same-gender sex long before we did and the government there actually pays for abortions. Most of the developed world has a stronger record on both of those things than we do, so if there is vomiting to be done, perhaps God should start somewhere else. Or here’s an even better idea: Just vomit out the Christian right bigots. Vomit them all the way to Russia, where Putin would welcome them and has already adopted many of the policies they support.

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