Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Paula White v Tony Perkins

Well this is fascinating. For the third day in a row, con artist Paula White was on con artist Jim Bakker’s TV show and she claimed that Trump famously referred to “2 Corinthians” rather than Second Corinthians because another preacher told him to do that in order to hurt him.


White claimed that right before Trump went on stage, this preacher told him to say “Two Corinthians” and so Trump went out and said “exactly what the preacher tells him to say.”

“Let’s be real,” White said. “Don’t act like everybody in the body of Christ isn’t ever used because good people can be used by bad spirits.”

“It was a setup, people,” Bakker proclaimed, as White agreed. “Every demon in hell is after Donald Trump.”

It was Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council who suggested to Trump that he cite that verse, according to Trump, who blamed him for it at the time because he had written “2 Corinthians” — which is the way it’s always written, but verbally it’s called 2nd Corinthians. That’s something pretty much any Christian would know. Trump doesn’t know it because he’s not a Christian at all and couldn’t care less about Christianity. He’s just using it to manipulate people, much like White does every day to make herself rich.

But think about what she’s saying. She’s claiming that Perkins deliberately set Trump up to make this mistake, and that he did it because the demons made him do it. That’s a fun accusation between a couple wingnuts, don’t you think?

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