Russia Investigating Canada’s Gay Underground Railroad

With thousands of gay men apparently tortured and murdered by the government in Chechnya and others fleeing to Russia, Canada has established what is essentially an underground railroad to get those men to safety. Russia is quite unhappy about that.


A Russian official has warned that if Canada violated Russian law by bringing homosexual Chechens to Canada as refugees, there will be consequences.

Kirill Kalinin, who is a spokesman for the Russian embassy in Ottawa, said of the Canadian underground railroad operating in his country: “Any legal irregularities, if proven true, shall be duly investigated.” He made the comment in an e-mail to The Globe and Mail, and declined to elaborate on what laws might have been violated…

An estimated 31 men and women from Chechnya and other parts of the North Caucasus are in Canada or safely on their way, thanks to a program involving Canadian government officials and non-govermental organizations (NGOs) in Russia and Canada.

Many of the refugees are men who were detained and tortured by Chechen officials earlier this year. After their release, they were at risk of so-called honour killings by family members. Chechnya is a conservative Muslim society in which homosexuality is despised.

The Chechen men fled to cities in Russia, where they were protected in safe houses by the Russian LGBT Network, an NGO, but where they remained at risk of discovery from Chechen officials or hostile family members.

Since June, the Canadian government has been identifying people at risk and secretly bringing them from the safe houses to Canada. Government officials said all those who qualified and were willing to come to Canada are now here or safely on the way.

Yes, that’s where your priorities should be. Don’t bother investigating the anti-gay bigots who take delight in killing gay people. Don’t worry about the government in Chechnya, with which you are closely allied, and the fact that they have literally set up concentration camps for gay people and tortured and killed thousands of them. Investigate the people who are trying to protect the human rights of those people from religious fascists. That’s where the real problem is.

Of course, the Russian government is in favor of all of those things. They have made life hell for gay people under Putin, who seems to think his manhood, so often on display along with his metaphorical peacock feathers in so many shirtless photos, is threatened by the mere existence of gay people. He has passed laws to prevent them from even advocating for their own rights and his police enforce those laws with great zeal, busting heads in the process.

Hey Vlad, you don’t like gay people? Then why not just let them leave? If Canada is willing to take them in and protect their equal humanity, why not let them? Oh, right. Because you’re a brutal, vicious bigoted thug. Silly me.

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