Indian Court Orders Authorities to Stop Hindu Barbarism

I’ve written many times about Hindu extremists attacking and even murdering people they suspect of eating beef. Now the Supreme Court of India has ordered governing authorities to take steps to prevent such barbarism from happening in the future.


NEW DELHI (Reuters) – The Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered central and state governments to appoint police officers to stop hardline Hindu activists from attacking people to protect cows.

India has seen a wave of mob attacks on Muslims accused of killing cows or eating beef over the past couple of years.

Many Hindus worship the cow as sacred and right-wing Hindu groups, some linked to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party, have been accused of fomenting violence against Muslims and lower-caste Hindus who eat beef or work in the meat and leather industries.

It’s not a coincidence that this wave of attacks happened after Modi, a Hindu nationalist who is basically the Donald Trump of India, was elected to office. If eating beef is against your religion, don’t eat beef. But you don’t get to stop others from doing so because they don’t have your religious beliefs and are not beholden to whatever god you think exists. I’m glad the Indian Supreme Court is taking a stand and I hope they can force state and local law enforcement to take it seriously.

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