Coulter: College Students Shouldn’t Be Able to Vote

Professional outrage performance artist Ann Coulter told a right-wing radio talk show host that college students should not be allowed to vote. In fact, no one should be allowed to vote until they’re at least 30 years old. Says someone over 30 years old.


Coulter first explained to Carr that she didn’t think students should be voting in states where they attend college if they don’t establish permanent residency in that state, but then said that it would be “outrageous” for a college student to change her residency to her college town.

Coulter then reached the conclusion that “college kids shouldn’t be voting” at all.

“It’s just to get the results of 13 years of Chinese-style brainwashing,” Coulter said. “I don’t think that people should be able to vote until they’re 30.”

Well that’s a convenient way of eliminating the votes of a demographic group that mostly disagrees with her views. I bet she doesn’t think black people should vote either. Or Latinos. Or gay people. Or atheists.

"Surely, you all are Intellectual Giants as much as you are Paragons of Virtue."

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