Michael Savage Turns on Trump

Most of Trump’s sycophants in the wingnutosphere are sticking by him no matter what, but he’s apparently lost the support of bigoted ranter Michael Savage, who went on a long rant last week after Trump sided with Democratic leaders on the debt ceiling and didn’t immediately deport all the DREAMers.


Michael Savage, the far-right radio host who provided Donald Trump with crucial early support in his presidential campaign lit into the man he once praised in book-length form on his Thursday program for cutting two deals with congressional Democrats.

“These are the exact opposite points of everything we ever voted for,” the talker said in a three-minute rant, referring to Trump’s expressed desire to remove the federal debt ceiling and his promise not to deport so-called Dreamers, people who were brought to America illegally by their parents while they were minors.

“He did not negotiate for one item on our agenda. Not one program in the government was cut,” Savage said. “Not one nickel of the budget was cut. Instead, they just spent like it’s unlimited money, they can just keep printing money, undermining our currency.”…

“Have you all become that stupid, that you don’t know what’s being done to you?” he said. “No, there’s no secret plan. You just got shafted and thrown on the roadside.”

They’re every bit as stupid as Savage was for going all-in for Trump in the first place. How could it have been any more obvious that Trump doesn’t have any actual beliefs? His beliefs change by the moment, whatever he thinks is politically expedient. He’s been on every side of every issue, usually more than once. If a given position works for his purposes at any given moment, he’ll take that position, no matter how absurd if it. If a person is saying nice things about him, he’ll praise that person, no matter how loathsome they are. There is no core whatsoever. And that was patently obvious from the word go.

Like most who adopt a populist stance, he became an empty vessel into which the dull and the disaffected could pour all their hopes and dreams, a canvas onto which they could project all of their own positions. They ignored all of his statements to the contrary, filtering them out so all they remembered were the times his rhetoric matched what they wanted it to be. And hey, he wasn’t Hillary, and that’s what truly mattered to them.

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