Omarosa the ‘Most Despised’ Person in the White House

The Daily Beast reports the incredibly unsurprising news that Omarosa Manigault, the reality TV “star” that Donald Trump inexplicably made a White House adviser, is deeply unpopular, even “despised” by the other staffers in the Trump administration.


Omarosa Manigault made her name as one of reality TV’s most notorious and hated personalities: the breakout star on season one of Donald Trump’s NBC series The Apprentice.

Thirteen-years later, she is in the White House, not on a makeshift television set. But she’s still trying to win Trump’s favor and she still has the same villainous image she earned on NBC.

According to four sources in and outside the West Wing, the longtime Trump confidant is isolated inside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as she quietly plots against her fellow senior officials. Colleagues regularly complain about Manigault’s behavior and work ethic. She frequently derails internal meetings with irrelevant or counterproductive interjections and she’s earned a reputation for attempting to micromanage White House communications operations.

To which the obvious response is: Duh. I can’t imagine how anyone could stand to be in her presence for 30 seconds without wanting to kill either her or themselves. She has the kind of loathsome obnoxiousness that can only come from someone who knows they have nothing whatsoever to offer and is overcompensating for that reality. I find it really weird how Trump becomes so loyal to totally unqualified people with horrible personalities. Omarosa is hardly the only one.

There’s Dan Scavino, now the White House social media person, who started out as Trump’s caddy on the golf course. There’s Corey Lewandowski, who was in so over his head running a presidential campaign that he might as well have been living in Middle Earth. There’s Roger Stone, who is as vile a human being as you’re ever likely to run across. But Trump loves these people. Their obnoxiousness actually is a plus for him.

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