‘Coach’ Dave: Government Should Fund Research on God

“Coach” Dave Daubenmire is, of course, a man of profound ignorance — not merely the mundane type but the virulent type, where he’s swallowed a bunch of lies that make him think he understands something when he doesn’t. He demonstrates that with this absurd suggestion:


“Evolution is fake science, it is not true,” Daubenmire said. “Do you know how much government money goes into science research? If you want to get a government grant, you have to make sure that the research that you do is going to support the positions of the government.”

“I would like to see the government do this,” he continued, “why doesn’t the government fund research into whether or not there is really a God? Wouldn’t that be good? Let’s dump a lot of money—rather than dumping all this [money into research] proving there isn’t a God, let’s fund some scientists to do some research to see if there is a God.”

First of all, Dave, the government does not fund research proving there isn’t a God. That isn’t what evolutionary biology is about. It’s just about explaining the natural history of life on earth. The fact that it conflicts with your own personal religious beliefs is as irrelevant as the fact that medical research conflicts with the beliefs of the Christian Science church, or that it conflicts with Vedic creationism. The problem lies with your beliefs, not with science.

And would you care to propose some research that would prove the existence of God? Go ahead, give us your experiment that would do that. We’ll wait.


That’s what I thought.

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