White Supremacists Being Booted Out of Military

White Supremacists Being Booted Out of Military September 15, 2017

Here’s some good news. A pair of white supremacists who participated in a racist rally in North Carolina are likely to be booted out of the military as a result. White supremacists have made a concerted effort to get into the military for many reasons.

Attribution: KAMiKAZOW
Attribution: KAMiKAZOW

A Marine is set to be booted from the service after he was arrested at a pro-Confederate rally, where he allegedly helped unfurl a banner that displayed a white supremacist slogan.

Staff Sgt. Joseph Manning was arrested in Graham, N.C. on May 20, charged with a misdemeanor of first degree trespassing. He could face up to 60 days in jail along with his removal from the Corps, according to trade publication Marine Corps Times.

Manning, who at the time was stationed at the Marine Corps Engineer School at Camp Lejeune about 200 miles from Graham, is accused of scaling a building with fellow serviceman Sgt. Michael Chesny and unfurling a banner with the acronym “YWNRU,” according local paper The Times-News. The letters apparently stand for “You will not replace us,” which is the slogan for white nationalist group Identity Evropa.

There’s an October 10th hearing in a military court for both of them. Manning, at least, is almost certain to be kicked out, apparently. Chesny’s fate is murkier. It used to be that having any kind of KKK or neo-Nazi background was enough to keep you out of the military, but the bigots have made a concerted effort to get their people into the services in order to get the military training, which can then be used in what they believe is the inevitable race war.

The Pentagon needs to do a serious purge of its ranks of anyone with ties to white supremacy. The unit and company commanders surely know who they are.

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