Spicer Regrets (One of) His Lies

Sean Spicer made a surprise appearance at the Emmy Awards ceremony Sunday night, riding out on the SNL movable podium that Melissa McCarthy so skillfully used to lampoon him. He poked fun at his claims about Trump’s inauguration crowds, which he now says he regrets making.


During his surprise comedy skit at the Emmys on Sunday, Sean Spicer may have made light of his six-month tenure as the White House press secretary, but a message was also embedded in his performance.

In an interview on Monday morning, Mr. Spicer said he now regrets one of his most infamous moments as press secretary: his decision to charge into the White House briefing room in January and criticize accurate news reports that President Barack Obama’s inauguration crowd was bigger than President Trump’s.

“Of course I do, absolutely,” Mr. Spicer said.

Okay, that’s one. How about all the other lies you told, Sean? How about all the other times you said something you knew was untrue and then berated reporters for having the temerity to challenge that lie? How about all the other times you covered up for Trump by attacking reporters doing their jobs? Do you regret those too? Or will you offer up the Nuremberg defense that you were just following orders? We know that’s true, of course. That is the nature of that job, you are paid to lie. And you knew that when you took the job. That speaks volumes about your lack of character.

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