Guandolo Knows How to Spot a Terrorist

Guandolo Knows How to Spot a Terrorist September 20, 2017

Disgraced former FBI agent John Guandolo, a raging Islamophobic bigot if ever there was one, knows how to spot a terrorist. It’s remarkably easy, it turns out. All you have to do is look for anyone who looks Arabic and voila, you’ve got your terrorist.

Credit: JMacpherson
Credit: JMacpherson

He provides no evidence whatsoever that these two vaguely Arabic-looking men are terrorists. When asked for that evidence, he said that they had “a sharia adherent beard.” Seriously. That’s his “evidence” that these are terrorists. Because that isn’t bigoted at all or anything, is it? And remember, our police agencies actually hire this buffoon to train them on anti-terror efforts, and that he is supported by other bigots like Pam Geller.

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