Joyner: Indians Winning Streak a Fulfillment of Prophecy

Christian con man Rick Joyner loves to see prophecies come to life in sports, especially when it has nothing to do with sports. Now he claims that the recent 22-game winning streak by the Cleveland Indians is a fulfillment of prophecy.


Joyner tied the winning streak to the fact that his fellow modern-day prophet Lou Engle held a The Call prayer rally in Cleveland earlier this summer, which he linked to The Gulliver Prophecy, which predicts that astounding miracles and healings will begin in Ohio and lead to a revival that will sweep over America.

“Is this prophetic, what is going on in Cleveland?” Joyner asked. “There is really a tremendous rise going on. Does baseball reflect that? I believe there are signs.”

“I think there is something on this streak that is prophetic,” Joyner added. “Twenty-two is 11-11. Isaiah 11:11 talks about the Lord giving us another chance and I think He has and I think He is.”

You know, sometimes I think that these frauds are intentionally trying to make their claims as ridiculous as possible just to prove that there is no limit to how stupid and absurd they can get and still have people believe them. It’s the religious equivalent of Trump’s claim that he could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and not lose a single voter. Joyner could literally stand in front of people and tell them that God wants them to kill themselves and most of them would just nod in agreement.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he sits around with Jim Bakker, Pat Robertson and Benny Hinn and they just try to one-up one another on how batshit they can be without losing a single contributor.

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