Oh Look, Another Glenn Beck Makeover

How many times can one person claim to have had some huge epiphany and that they’re going to do things totally different from now on? Glenn Beck seems intent on finding out. About once a year he declares that he has learned from his past actions and will now be all about good things. The latest attempt at a reset:


I want to get out of the “news and opinion” business and focus on “facts and perspective”.

News is breaking. Let others be first. I want to be driven by facts. I want us to be right and without the hype.

Facts are solid and must be our foundation if we are going to survive as a culture.

This coming from the guy who wouldn’t recognize a fact if it crawled up his pantleg, perched on his ass and yodeled the Ave Maria. This coming from a guy who has never let facts get in the way of a good conspiracy theory, who got sued and had to settle a lawsuit after declaring a Saudi student to be the “money man” behind the Boston Marathon bombing, but without a shred of evidence.

Perhaps it is subtle to most but not to me and I hope not to my team. It isn’t just word play. It is a different way to write, speak and behave. To succeed we can’t just say it, we have to live it every second of everyday.

We have been working hard all summer and have had to turn this thing 180 degrees in approach – there is no one modeling this so we all are hoping we get it, but it is going to take us a couple of months. (Thus, the soft launch.).

Hopefully, you’ve seen a difference already in some of our work and headlines.

I am betting that there are more people like me, that want to educate themselves and follow the important events of the day, but are so tired of the spin, bias and hate.

And irony wept. This is like the 8th or 9th time he’s had a revelation and vowed to change his ways. After a while, who could take him seriously anymore? His followers have been dwindling, his show and business losing money like crazy. Which is exactly what he deserves, of course. He’s just another dishonest carnival barker.

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