Wallnau: God Protected Trump Property from Hurricane

Professional Donald Trump bootlicker and fellow con artist Lance Wallnau is just sure that his prayers kept Hurricane Irma from damaging any Trump properties. Because the storm was “demonic,” dontchaknow. And who cares about all the other people hurt by diverting it away from Trump’s properties and toward them?


“I’ve got these knucklehead bloggers that watch me and always make fun of me,” he said. “They were crazy last week over the hurricane. They kept saying, ‘He thinks his prayers with 5,000 people influenced the direction of the hurricane.’ Well, I’ll tell you what, I believe our prayers, along with everybody else’s, did influence the direction of the hurricane.”

Responding to Bill Maher’s joke that the fact that Trump’s properties made it through the hurricane without damage is proof that there is no God, Wallnau declared that “of course nothing happened to Donald Trump’s property, that was a demonic storm … The Lord didn’t send it, the devil is loosing chaos in America.”

Wallnau then called on conservative Christians to “step up” and use their godly authority to defeat the “spirit of Antichrist” that is manifesting through “the stupid leftists” in the form of their “irrational” opposition to Trump.

Of course, he’s just wrong. His vacation property on St. Martin took a direct hit from the hurricane, which destroyed 95% of the structures on that entire island. But even if he were right, I wish these guys would figure out whether God sent the hurricane to warn us or punish us or remind us of his power (I’ve heard all three explanations), or whether Satan sent it and God tried — and failed — to stop it, choosing instead to just make sure it hurt people other than Trump.

"> Are they really that ignorant, stupid, and delusional as demonstrated by their arguments?Of course."

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