Texas School Tells Students They Must Stand for the Pledge of Allegiance

It’s the start of a new school year, so it’s not surprising that we have problems cropping up with schools refusing to protect the right of a student not to take part in the pledge of allegiance. A school in Midland, Texas is lying and telling them they don’t have that right. This is from a slide shown at a school assembly there:


That’s a lie. The law does not say that, it says the exact opposite of that. No student has to recite the pledge and no student has to stand for it. The school says it’s just a “misunderstanding in context,” but the students a local station talked to believed that the school was saying the law required them to stand. The school also says that students can have their parents fill out a form to excuse them from saying the pledge, but that is also unconstitutional. They do not need their parents’ permission not to stand, it’s up to them. I expect a letter from the ACLU will be arriving on the desks of the principal and superintendent very soon.

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