Tucker Carlson Knows What It’s Like to Be Black

Tucker Carlson Knows What It’s Like to Be Black September 22, 2017

Weapons-grade twerp Tucker Carlson brought a black former NFL player on his show to express his terrible outrage at a group of kids who knelt for the National Anthem like some NFL players have done. He pronounced it “terrifying” that those kids will be our future leaders. I think it’s rather refreshing. Then he declared that he knows what it’s like to be black because he’s an American.


“The oppression that African-Americans and other races are getting in America, it’s bad,” Mitchell responded. “And I think America can be, it can be great again if you stop the racial profiling, if you stop a lot of things that’s happening in America. We can both stand now.”

Carlson responded: “It just seems like an overstatement. I understand people are upset about specific cases where people are killed by the police.”

“But Tucker you could never understand, you could never understand, you don’t live it,” Mitchell said.

“Well, actually I can understand cause I am an American, OK, whatever,” Carlson claimed.

Mitchell attempted to interject, but Carlson spoke over him, bristling at the notion that he wasn’t able to understand the oppression of black Americans.

“Hey, slow down,” Carlson said. “I’m an American and I have, don’t pull that crap on me.”

Oh dear. Tucker, I don’t know if you’re aware of this or not…but you couldn’t be any whiter if you were actually made out of mayonnaise and pumpkin spice. You may be the least able to understand the black experience of any white man in the entire country. You’re like the Platonic ideal of mediocre whiteness, a man who has been advanced far beyond any discernible talent or ability due solely to your connections and pale skin. Son of an ambassador and the heir to a family fortune, educated at elite private schools. No one could have less insight into the black experience than you. And being an American not only does nothing to help you understand it, it almost certainly does the exact opposite.

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