Wallnau’s Hurricane Prayers Fail Again

Fresh off his total failure to pray Hurricane Irma away from Florida, and his dishonest claim to have succeeded, professional con man and Trump fellatrix Lance Wallnau prayed Hurricane Maria away from Puerto Rico. And we have yet another total failure.


“We see that hurricane coming to Puerto Rico,” he said. “We command the hurricane to veer off course into the ocean, ricochet off into the ocean, ricochet off into the ocean, you shall not hit nor shall you destroy Puerto Rico.”

“In the name of Jesus, we thank you Lord that you are giving us power over the elements because they have to submit to the authority of Jesus on the earth,” he continued. “We take that authority over the hurricane and command it to depart from Puerto Rico into the ocean. We intercede for the defenseless. That’s enough! That’s enough already with these hurricanes. That’s it, stop it!”

And yet not only did God not stop it, the hurricane made a direct and massively damaging strike on Puerto Rico. The entire island is without power and it may take months to get it back. Does God not listen to your prayers, Lance? I thought you were a “prophet” with a direct line to the Grand Poobah on high? Apparently not.

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