When Wingnuts Draw Historical Parallels

When Wingnuts Draw Historical Parallels September 22, 2017

Jonathan Cahn, the Worldnetdaily’s favorite messianic Jewish crackpot, loves to claim that this or that event was foretold in the Bible. He does this by drawing vague parallels between stories in the Bible and modern events, then irrationally claiming that it was a prophecy when the text was clearly about events at the time. And here he goes again:


Adding to his assertion that a handful of passages out of 1 & 2 Kings foretold all sorts of events related to Bill and Hillary Clinton, Osama bin Laden, Barack Obama and Donald Trump, Cahn now claims that the Bible also warned of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, as well as the 9/11 attacks…

“Clinton follows the same template of Ahab,” Cahn said. “The same thing in every way.”

“In Ahab’s fall, it’s linked to the tribe of Levi,” Cahn added. “Could there possibly be a link with the tribe of Levi and the scandals of the Clinton years? Well, here’s the thing: from the name Levi comes the name Levin; from Levin comes Lewan; from Lewan come Lewinsky. The Lewinsky scandal, it literally means the tribe of Levi; she’s a Levite and that’s part of the fall of Ahab.”

Cahn then went on to falsely assert that calamity befell Israel exactly three years after Ahab repented for the murder of Naboth, just as disaster struck America on 9/11/2001, exactly three years after Clinton asked forgiveness for the Lewinsky scandal during a prayer meeting on 9/11/1998.

Wow, the tenures of two leaders 2800 years apart were both marked by scandal. And so were half of the reigns of every leader in every country over that time period. This is nonsense on roller skates, but it’s the kind of “reasoning” that wingnuts absolutely love. Never mind that there isn’t even a hint in the Biblical text that this is a prophecy of any kind whatsoever. It’s clearly a historical text about King Ahab and that’s all it is. This is Biblical exegesis for the extraordinarily gullible.

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