Conservatives Suddenly Value Expertise

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel has been going hard at the new bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, after being promised by one of the authors of the bill that it would protect those with preexisting conditions (it doesn’t). And suddenly conservatives have discovered the importance of expert opinion.

Copyright: Jonathan Roland
Copyright: Jonathan Roland

Oh yes, leave health care policy to the experts. Clearly, experts are the people to talk to on complex issues, especially public policy. Except…

Also conservatives: Evolution is a myth! Pay no attention to virtually every scientist in every relevant field of study, all of whom agree that life on earth evolved over more than 3.5 billion years. Ignore them! They’re all atheists, probably possessed by Satan, out to destroy your faith!

Also conservatives: Global warming is a hoax (perpetrated by the Chinese, says Donald Trump)! Don’t look at the data and certainly don’t listen to the overwhelming majority of climate scientists, who agree that the earth is warming and that human activity, particularly power generation and the release of greenhouse gases, is a large part of the reason why. But don’t listen to them. After all, it snows sometimes, doesn’t it? That proves that global warming is a hoax!

Also conservatives: Pollution is no big deal! Those so-called “scientists” who say otherwise are just trying to get research funding from socialists like George Soros. Let’s disband the EPA’s science advisory committee because — see above — global warming is a Marxist (Trump: Maoist) plot to destroy the economy anyway.

Experts? We don’t need no stinking experts! And by the way, the experts on health care policy are actually on Kimmel’s side in this dispute.

Conservatives: Valuing expertise for almost 18 seconds now (for a limited time only, not available in some states, prices may vary, offer subject to change whenever they feel like it).

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