Jim Bakker’s Magically Refillable Food Buckets

Jim Bakker is still furiously hawking his latest scam, buckets full of crappy survival food, and getting his guests to do it for him as well. He brought on John Shorey, who told viewers that if they buy Bakker’s buckets of food, they’ll never run out because God will magically refill them.


Guest John Shorey told viewers to stock up on Bakker’s food buckets and not to worry about running out because God will miraculously refill them as needed.

“When you empty a bucket of food,” Shorey said, “trust God to refill it.”

When Shorey told those who “have the means to buy 100 buckets of food” to “buy 100 buckets of food” and give them to local churches, Bakker chimed in to urge millionaires to buy as much food as they can afford.

“Do a million dollars worth of food, I’m serious,” Bakker said. “If they’re rich, their money is going [away] anyway, John. It’s not going to be worth anything. The crash is coming, so why not sow it into the Lord?”

Okay, let me ask a really obvious question: If God is going to miraculously intervene to keep those food buckets filled up forever, why would you need to buy it in the first place? If you’re going to trust God to refill the buckets, why not trust God to provide the bucket as well? Why would anyone need to buy them from Bakker? Oh, right — because he makes money from that. And you have to “plant your seed of faith” and blah blah blah. Their own marketing campaign contradicts their nonsense. But grifters gotta grift.

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