Ooh, a Fox and Friends Argument

The three well-dressed jibbering monkeys of Fox and Friends, Donald Trump’s favorite show, had a little disagreement over his comments about the NFL players protesting racial injustice. Brian Kilmeade says he thinks Trump only made it worse, while Ainsley Earhardt thinks he’s speaking for lots of people.


Co-host Brian Kilmeade clarified up front that he thought it was “outrageous” for players to kneel during the National Anthem, but he questioned Trump’s choice of words.

“He made things immeasurably worse by speaking out,” Kilmeade said. “I know what his intention was, but the language used was just galvanizing the wrong direction.”

Earhardt quickly backpedaled, telling viewers — including, possibly, their most famous fan — that Trump was seen as the voice for many Americans.

“Brian, he is the voice for a lot of people out there,” she said. “A lot of people agree with him and are scared to give their opinions. I’m not saying I agree with what he is saying, I’m just saying there are a handful of people out there, Brian, who feel like he’s their voice.”

Of course there are people who agree with Trump. What does that have to do with anything? How does that in any way dispute Kilmeade’s claim that Trump only threw gasoline on the fire? And good god, why am I defending Kilmeade? Well, he may be the 2nd dumbest man on television, but he’s right about this. Trump got lots of attention, but he also managed to turn even the NFL owners, an overwhelmingly conservative group, against him with his attacks. It isn’t easy to unite NFL players and owners, but Trump managed to do it.

But I want to focus on Earhadt’s ridiculous claim that those who oppose the protests are “scared to give their opinions.” What world does she live in? In the real world, not only are people not scared to do so, they’re screaming them at the top of their lungs and demanding, as Trump did, that anyone who engages in such protests be fired. This is just another attempt by rich white people to declare themselves the victims while acting as the oppressors.

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