The Worldnetdaily’s Selective Outrage

As if to prove once again the similar ideologies of reactionary Islam and reactionary Christianity, the Worldnetdaily is outragedoutraged, I tell you — that extremist Muslim clerics in the Middle East say the recent hurricanes are God’s punishment on America.

Copyright: Jonathan Roland
Copyright: Jonathan Roland

A number of Arab leaders in the Middle East attacked the United States following Hurricane Irma, claiming the storm was punishment from Allah for the nation’s political policies, but now some fellow Arabs have come to America’s defense, says a report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

The storm that ravaged Caribbean islands before hitting Florida left behind a death toll in the state of more than two dozen and billions of dollars in property damage.

Several Arab writers immediately claimed the storm was Allah’s revenge, according to researchers at the Middle East Media Research Center, who monitor, analyze and report on media in the region…

For example, Lebanese imam Sheikh Mus’ad Najem tweeted: “America, with all its power, its people, its iron, all its institutions, and its capabilities, is helpless before a storm – as if Allah were avenging all those who lost their relatives.”

Muhammad Al-Sabi’i of Saudi Arabia tweeted: “Allah, make Hurricane Irma a punishment and a loss for all those who killed and expelled [people] and destroyed the Muslim lands of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and so on. You can do anything.”

And that’s outrageous, of course. It’s as inane as it is when Christians make the same claim. And not only do fundamentalist Christians do that, many of them are people the Worldnetdaily regularly promotes and agrees with. Kirk Cameron, for example, said that the hurricanes were God’s punishment and warning to America. “He causes this to happen for punishment,” Cameron said, and we’d better all repent of whatever he’s against — gays and abortion, I’m sure — before he really gets medieval on our tushies.

Jim Bakker said the same thing. So did Rick Joyner. So did Dave Daubenmire. And Robert Jeffress. And Kevin Swanson. And lots of other Christian “leaders” that the Worldnetdaily has promoted and cheered on. But when Muslims say the same thing, that’s horrible. And it’s true, that is horrible, and ridiculous, and barbaric — just like it is when their Christian friends do it.

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