Baghdad Kellyanne’s Feigned Outrage

There are few things more ridiculous these days in American politics than watching Baghdad Kellyanne Conway feign outrage on television. The latest episode of her personal TV show with terrible acting was to absurdly claim that Pence leaving the Colts-49ers game on Sunday was not a political stunt.


“It takes a lot to get that man’s blood boiling and to refer to somebody who’s standing up for the flag and all it represents to hundreds of millions of Americans and all it signals to the world, our veterans, our unity, the founding of our great nation,” she said Monday on “Fox & Friends.”

“To call that a political stunt is truly outrageous, egregious and offensive.”

No, what’s offensive is that you so clearly insult the intelligence of everyone listening to you say moronic things like this. It could not possibly have been any more obvious a political stunt. He was scheduled for events on the West coast that he could not possibly have made if he’d stayed for the game, which means he was clearly planning to leave early. And he left the pool reporter in a van in the parking lot and told them that they were probably leaving early. And the game involved the 49ers, who they knew had many players protesting. This couldn’t possibly have been anything other than a pre-planned stunt.

Conway said Americans should talk about what the flag means instead of focusing on players who take a knee during the anthem

“The flag, I still think is the most cohesive, unifying symbol in our nation … at a time when we feel very fractured and divided,” Conway said.

Again, an insult to any intelligent person (who, to be fair, are not her target audience and she knows it). The flag is a unifying symbol? Is that why you have to use it to beat people over the head with and demand loyalty and compliance if anyone protests anywhere in the vicinity of one? How could that possibly be unifying? She knows all this, she’s just lying. It’s what she does. It’s what she gets paid to do. And we aren’t buying the scene where she gets a case of the vapors and has to go to her fainting couch. This is nothing more than emotional manipulation and crass exploitation.

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