Trump Thinks the NFL is a Dictator Like He Wants to Be

Donald Trump continues to be utterly clueless about the protests by NFL players over racial injustice. He apparently thinks the NFL has dictatorial powers, the very kind he wishes he had, and that if the NFL had suspended Colin Kaepernick the protests would have stopped.


President Donald Trump sat down Wednesday for an interview with Sean Hannity to air in full Wednesday night on Fox News. And in a newly released preview excerpt, the President once again took on Colin Kaepernick and the subject of NFL protests.

“Frankly, the NFL should’ve suspended him for one game, and he would’ve never done it again,” Trump said. “They could’ve then suspended him for two games. And they could’ve suspended him a third time, if he did it, for the season. And you would never have had a problem.”

Okay, two problems. First, the NFL would have no authority to suspend Kaepernick. There is no rule requiring him or any other NFL player to stand for the national anthem. Trump is apparently unaware that the NFL operates on the basis of a collective bargaining agreement. It’s kind of like the Constitution that Trumps knows nothing at all about and it limits their authority in situations like this. If they had suspended him, the NFL Players Association would have gone straight to court and got it overturned.

Second, the notion that this would have ended the protests is patently absurd. It would have thrown more fuel on the fire and had the exact opposite effect of what Trump imagines. Just look what happened a few weeks ago when he started attacking the players over this, more and more of them joined the protests than before. The protests turned into a statement against Trump as much as against racial injustice, and rightly so. Even the white players started joining in.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is now making noise about possibly requiring players to stand for the anthem. If he tries that, it would violate the collective bargaining agreement and the players would be furious over it. Which is why I kind of hope the NFL tries to do that.

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