Trump Continues to Single Out Puerto Rico After Hurricane

The disparity in how Donald Trump has responded to massive hurricane damage in Puerto Rico compared to Houston and Florida is startling, though not at all surprising. The latest example is his warning to Puerto Rico that federal workers can’t stay there to help forever:


Do you remember him saying anything even remotely like that to the people of Houston or Florida? Of course not. He actually doesn’t seem to know that Puerto Rico is part of the United States and that the people suffering there in the wake of two devastating hurricanes are American citizens. Or he doesn’t care, take your pick. But PR got hit far worse than either Florida or Houston. Virtually the entire island is still without electricity. Trump went there to hold a self-congratulatory wankfest of a press conference to talk about how amazing he and his administration is and to throw some paper towels around, but that’s about it.

After initially refusing to do so, he lifted the Jones Act restrictions to allow ships under the flags of other nations to dock there to bring in supplies, but it was only temporary — so temporary that it did no good at all because it expired before any shipments could actually get there and he’s now refusing to extend the policy. He’s done nothing but insult the mayor of the capital city and act as if the people of PR are disposable to him. Is it racism? Of course it is.

But it’s also Trump’s childishness. The mayor of San Juan has criticized the response of the federal government and has criticized him and he is reacting as Trumplethinskin, taking it personally and punishing other people for it. The man is a dangerous child with nuclear weapons.

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