Loesch Declares Feminism Dead

Third-rate Ann Coulter wannabe Dana Loesch spoke at the Values Voters Summit and told the audience that feminism is dead. In fact, she repeated it several times, perhaps hoping that repetition would either make it true or win her a coveted spot on Fox News instead of NRA TV.


“We are in a post-feminist era,” she said. “Feminism is dead. It is dead as a doornail, it is dead. Feminism is dead.”

Saying that “third-wave feminism has betrayed” women, men, children and “our culture,” Loesch claimed, “Third-wave feminism exists to subjugate men, period. They have replaced the patriarchy with the matriarchy, and they are not a good master.”

“Third-wave feminism says it empowers women—empowers them by convincing women to commit genocide against the female sex in utero,” she said.

She offered no evidence of any of this, of course, just empty rhetoric. Funny, I know a lot of feminists and even the most dogmatic of them don’t believe in subjugating men. Not a single one of them. It all reminds me of Al Franken’s book on Rush Limbaugh, in which he said, “Limbaugh was railing about how feminists believe that all heterosexual sex is rape, which, I admit, is a belief that’s very hard to defend. The thing is, though, I know a lot of women, almost all of whom consider themselves feminists, and I know only one who actually holds this belief. And we’ve been married nearly twenty years.”

Straw women are no more valid than straw men.

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