Starnes: Liberals Want to Criminalize Masculinity

Fox News’ professional hysteric Todd Starnes also spoke at the Values Voters Summit, where he delivered another of his ridiculous piles of paranoia, not to mention vagueness. He said that liberals are trying to “criminalize masculinity.” Whatever that could possibly mean.


Starnes said that Mark Hancock, who runs the Christianity based scouting organization Trail Life USA, told him that the Boy Scouts’ decision was “nothing less than a war on boys.” Starnes elaborated on Hancock’s remarks to him, claiming that “the mainstream media” spread the notion of “toxic masculinity.”

“It’s not just a war on boys. It’s a war on men. And there are those in this country that want to feminize men. They want to criminalize masculinity,” Starnes said.

Starnes then pointed to relief efforts following the United States’ recent series of hurricanes, wildfires, and the Las Vegas shooting, to argue mainstream media has been inconsistent in its supposed war on masculinity.

“I saw men, grown men, wadding into the flood waters, running into the bullets to save people,” Starnes said, receiving applause from the crowd. “And I didn’t hear the mainstream media complaining about toxic masculinity then.”

Because helping people isn’t toxic masculinity, you dolt. It isn’t a masculine thing at all. Women were also there helping in a thousand different ways. And what could it possibly even mean to criminalize masculinity? You can’t even define it, much less outlaw it. This the kind of vague, empty declaration that sounds so convincing to halfwits with an axe to grind. It confirms their persecution complex so they never bother to ask what the hell he’s even talking about.

And by the way, if he’s talking about the common conception of masculinity as macho and muscular and athletic, Todd Starnes is pretty much the opposite of those things.

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