NFL Won’t Require Players to Stand for National Anthem

Several NFL owners and player representatives met in New York on Tuesday to discuss the ongoing protests against racial injustice during the national anthem before games and decided not to take any action to penalize players participating in the protests.


The N.F.L. for now will continue to let players kneel or sit during the national anthem without a penalty, capitulating to demands by the athletes for free expression but potentially further alienating fans who object to the protests and feel they are disrespectful to the flag and the military.

But, after a meeting Tuesday with union representatives and players, the league did promise to help support some of the causes targeted by the protesting players, including reform of the criminal justice system.

A wise move on their part. Trying to penalize the players would only have thrown more fuel on the fire and made things worse, not better. But the Mango Mussolini was quite unhappy about it:

Nope, exactly the opposite. Protesting as a means of social change is in the very best traditions of the country. Mindless nationalism and demagoguery like Trump engages in every day, on the other hand, is a shameful tradition. So sorry, Donald, you don’t get to impose your will on people by making mean tweets about them. Boo hoo.

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