Perkins Blames Gays for Man Sexting with Woman

A two-star general was fired by the Pentagon after he was found to have sent inappropriate text messages to the wife of another Army officer. And the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins knows who’s really to blame: Gay people. Of course.


“I think this is wrong, but who says it’s wrong? The military code of conduct? True, but that also said that homosexuality is wrong, but that prohibition is no longer being enforced. In fact, people are punished for not celebrating homosexuality,” Perkins said. “Same was true of transgenderism.”…

When society gives an immoral policy like accepting LGBTQ people into the military a “green light,” Perkins claimed, it creates the kind of “moral confusion” that can lead a military officer to make sexual advances on a married woman.

“That’s where the moral confusion comes from. People think, ‘Well, maybe I can get away with it because they can get away with that. That’s acceptable today, maybe I can do this,” Perkins explained. “When we deny there is a moral law and a moral lawgiver, it leads to confusion and chaos, and we’ve seen this increasingly within the ranks of our nation’s military.”

The power of the gay compels you! It’s incredible just how powerful bigots think homosexuality is. It’s able to cause earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, volcanic eruptions and even the downfall of entire civilizations! And I’m sure that’s exactly what the general was thinking, don’t you? “I wouldn’t usually do this kind of thing, it’s very immoral. But there are gay people in the army now and I’m so morally confused that I just can’t help myself!” Makes perfect sense.

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