Shirvell Wants His Law License Back Now that Trump is President

Shirvell Wants His Law License Back Now that Trump is President October 19, 2017

You may remember Andrew Shirvell, the fired former assistant AG here in Michigan who lost his job, a huge lawsuit and his law license for obsessively stalking a gay student leader at the University of Michigan a few years ago. Now that Trump is president, he thinks he should get his license to practice back.


A former Michigan assistant attorney general known for his attacks on the first openly gay student body president at the University of Michigan is appealing the decision by a discipline board to revoke his law license.

Andrew Shirvell claims the board was biased against his beliefs and cites Donald Trump as a reason why he is speaking out.

“Given that my case is one of the most politically-charged to have ever come before a Hearing Panel … I cannot imagine a more biased panel of attorneys who sat in judgment of me,” Shirvell said in a press release Tuesday. “With Donald Trump now in the White House, conservative Christians like me will no longer tolerate being railroaded by the liberal elite.”

Typical persecution complex from the one doing the persecuting. This guy was absolutely obsessed with Chris Armstrong, the first openly gay student body president at U of M. He actually camped out overnight at Armstrong’s apartment and videotaped people coming and going from a party, in the apparent hope of finding something to attack him with. He was then fired by the very conservative then-AG Mike Cox for using government resources in his relentless persecution of Armstrong.

Armstrong filed a harassment suit and a jury awarded him $4 million. That judgment was then upheld by the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court denied cert in the case. A few months ago, the Michigan Attorney Discipline Board yanked his law license. Did I mention that Shirvell went to Ave Maria Law School, the far-right Catholic law school funded by Dominos founder Tom Monaghan?

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