Alex Jones Loses His Mind Over Drag Queens Reading to Kids

Alex Jones absolutely lost his mind in a blind rage over a story, which Snopes calls “mostly false,” about drag queens reading books to kids at a public library. And I mean lost his shit, screaming into the camera about demons and aliens before getting up and throwing a chair across the room.


“Imagine if someone in a demon outfit, showed up next to a baby giraffe and said, ‘Hi, I’m a demon. Be inclusive. Don’t be mean to me. Let me wear demon horns and come up and look like a complete alien from another planet,’” the torrent of rage continued.

“They dress up like space aliens all over the United States of America and all over the world,” Jones continued. “In horrible demon psychopath outfits that make Pennywise look beautiful. And they show up and they have their way with children, in demon outfits. I mean, if you’ve got men that look like 400-pound goblin demons with your children, there’s nothing you won’t put up with.”

My, my, my, Alex. Did you eat a bowl of chili for lunch again? You know, they do make decaf coffee that is just as tasty as the regular kind. And you might wanna try some anger management therapy.

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