Fox and Friends Host: We Don’t Ask Soft Questions

Fox and Friends Host: We Don’t Ask Soft Questions October 20, 2017

Ainsley Earhardt, the requisite blond on Fox and Friends who sits between the two dumbest men on television, is thrilled that Trump has said it’s his favorite show on TV. Then she said something so contrary to reality that my eye rolling could get a strike at a bowling alley.


EARHARDT: It’s great, yes. You know, the mainstream media, or the liberal press will want to write an article about, you know, we give soft interviews, or we do that — that is not true. The Vice President even told — one of his folks that works for him told me that my interview was tougher than the — he gave three of us interviews, at one point.

One was Matt Lauer, one was me, and I can’t remember who the other one was. And he said that mine was the tougher one, out of all three of them, which I took great pride in, because I plan my questions the night before, I talk about it.

Sometimes I’ll call you, and I’ll say “Sean, can I run over the questions with you?,” or I’ll talk to people on my staff, and I’ll come up with really hard-hitting questions, and things I think our viewers are going to want to know.

I don’t want anyone to think it’s a softball question, but I do want people to think we’re fair, and I think we are fair.

HANNITY: Well, and you work very hard to get these interviews.

We’ll just put that ridiculous claim in the same pile with Trump saying he’ll never lie to the American people. The questions they ask Trump on Fox and Friends could not possibly be any softer. She practically coos at him and asks “Mr. President, why are you so dreamy?” And Doocy and Kilmeade, the Wonder Twins of stupid (form of…a box of hammers), sit there nodding their heads. Hannity is more active, of course. When he gets an interview with Trump, he practically gets down on his knees and licks his shoes to show his fealty. He is nothing if not a loyal little lapdog.

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