Trump Once Again Ad Libs His Staff Into a Problem

Trump used to love making fun of Barack Obama for using a teleprompter, but no one needs one more than him. Every time he ad libs an answer, he sticks his foot in his mouth and his staff has to clean up the mess. The latest example: An announcement on a declaration of the opioid emergency that they aren’t ready to issue.


President Donald Trump overrode his own advisers when he promised to deliver an emergency declaration next week to combat the nation’s worsening opioid crisis.

“That is a very, very big statement,” he said Monday. “It’s a very important step. … We’re going to be doing it in the next week.”

Blindsided officials are now scrambling to develop such a plan, but it is unclear when it will be announced, how or if it will be done, and whether the administration has the permanent leadership to execute it, said two administration officials.

“They are not ready for this,” a public health advocate said of an emergency declaration after talking to Health and Human Services officials enlisted in the effort.

Trump’s off-script statement stunned top agency officials, who said there is no consensus on how to implement an emergency declaration for the drug epidemic, according to interviews with officials from the White House, a half dozen federal agencies, state health directors and lobbyists.

This is classic Trump. Someone should keep a running list of all the times he promises that something is going to happen and it doesn’t. His favorite phrase when speaking off the cuff seems to be “you’ll find out very soon.” But rarely does it ever actually happen, whatever it is. This is why I keep calling him a carnival barker. What does a carnival barker do? Makes outlandish promises to get you to pay your money. Once they have your money, it doesn’t matter whether it actually lives up to the hype.

Maybe that’s a better comparison: Trump is like a hype man in rap music. He’s the Flava Flav of politics, without the wit and thoughtfulness.

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