Stupid Atheist Memes: Tax the Churches, Now With Really Bad Math

It’s been a while since I shared a stupid atheist meme. This one comes from, which pretty much guarantees that it’s going to be stupid. But this one is stupid on the level of 3rd or 4th grade math. Did you know that if we taxed the churches, we’d only have to pay 3% tax each?


The caption includes the claim that the tax exemption for churches adds up to about $71 billion a year, which is in line with the estimates I’ve seen. This was shared several times in my Facebook news feed by fellow atheists, apparently too lazy to do some really basic math. Even assuming that all $71 billion was at the federal level (and it’s not, most of it is state and local property taxes), federal revenue for 2017 is about $3.2 trillion. That’s only a fraction of a percent. It’s like claiming that if you put 5 gallons of gas in your car, you could drive to the moon.

Seriously, people, stop sharing this nonsense. If you didn’t instantly recognize how absurd that claim about 3% taxes is, even without having to do the math, also please do us all a favor and don’t vote. Ever.

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