Trump Passes on False Story from Right Wing ‘News’ Outlet

We’ve grown used to Donald Trump just credulously retweeting whatever he sees on Fox and Friends that morning, but it seems he’s cheating on the three stooges of stupid with the previously irrelevant One America News Network. He tweeted out this on Friday:


That was at 6:31 am. But as Media Matters notes, at 6:25 am OANN ran a story with this chyron:

OANN Story

And as The Hill points out, both the OANN story and Trump’s claims are false. The blip in violent crime had very little to do with terrorism:

According to the report, however, much of that was not related to terrorism. The report said, “of the 664 homicides recorded in the year ending June 2017, there were 35 relating to the London and Manchester terror attacks.”

The report also said that sexual offenses were up 19 percent; the number of homicides increased by 46, excluding the Manchester and London terror attacks; and much of the rise in violent offenses was due to the addition of new crime recording categories such as “violence without injury” and “stalking and harassment.”

It’s like a Trump trifecta: Ignorance, demagoguery and dishonesty, all in a single tweet. So don’t say he isn’t getting better at his job. But I feel bad for the crew at Fox and Friends. They spend all this time sucking up to him and he’s cheating on them. They might as well just have the show hosted by Ivana Trump and Marla Maples at this point.

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