Lively: Gay Judges Can’t Be Impartial

Donald Trump doesn’t think Latino judges can be impartial, and the deranged anti-gay bigot Scott Lively doesn’t think gay judges can be impartial. And he asserts, with no evidence whatsoever, that all cases involving gay rights are funneled to gay judges.


Lastly, it required massive corruption of judicial integrity in US courts, which the 98% heterosexual majority could once count on to preserve the primacy of marriage and the natural family in mainstream culture. Judicial corruption was ensured by homosexualist Anthony Kennedy who wrote all five majority opinions of the Supreme Court establishing “gay” cultural supremacy in America, beginning with the ruling in Romer v Evans that characterized political efforts to oppose special rights for homosexuals as “hate based” and thus illegitimate. Today, nearly all cases related to the LGBT agenda in the lower courts are funneled to activist homosexual judges whose lack of impartiality in their foregone conclusions is not even questioned, let alone considered a basis for recusal.

First of all, cases are assigned to district court judges randomly and he provides not an iota of evidence to the contrary. Secondly, by Lively’s “reasoning,” no black judge could be impartial in any case involving racial equality, no woman could possibly be impartial in any case involving women’s equality, no one whose parents or grandparents were immigrants could be impartial in any case involving immigration.

But you know who is always impartial? White Christian men, of course. To Lively and his fellow bigots, white Christian men are always unbiased and impartial because they define impartiality by their very existence. They are the norm, the standard that everyone else must follow.

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