Inside the Mind of a Trump Voter

On the one-year anniversary of the presidential election, MSNBC’s Katy Tur decided to go back and interview some of the Trump voters she had spoken to during the campaign. The results are unsurprising as they offer up the most ridiculous rationalizations for his performance to this point. Like Dave Lock of Pennsylvania:


Speaking with Lock, she noted that he was laid off from his job with General Electric and had once backed Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders but switched to Trump because he thought he would bring about change.

“We always see the Harrison Fords that play the president who is tough, punches the bad guy in the face. Now we have one of those people and he is going to get things done and I think it is good,” Lock explained.

“Now he is fighting with members of his own cabinet, former presidents, Republican senators,” Wallace pressed.

“I think they would go away if we quit advertising them,” Lock, who is still unemployed, rationalized. “We as a country are making him look like an ass, he needs to try to defend himself.”

We’re making him look like an ass? By what possible chain of thinking could that statement be anything other than appallingly stupid? The psychology here is so obvious that a bright 12 year old could diagnose it. He confuses belligerence and lame macho posturing as toughness. He thinks bullies are actually showing their confidence rather than their insecurity, and it’s almost certainly because he wishes he would be a bully like Trump but he’s too afraid to do it. So he lives vicariously through this pathetically insecure man-baby who speaks loudly but carries no stick at all.

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