Bigots: Trans Candidates Only Elected Because We Let Women Vote

MRA Gavin McInnes, founder of the ridiculous “Proud Boys,” had Lucian Wintrich, the White House correspondent for the dumbest man on the internet, Jim Hoff, on his radio show and the two of them said we shouldn’t have given the right to vote to women because they elect trans candidates.


“The liberals say, ‘Maybe we should give up on identity politics,’ but you look at all the Sikhs and black people and trans who won in this election and all these unprecedented cases. It had nothing to do with policy. It was all identity politics,” McInnes said.

He continued, “I was looking at those two trannies who won. There’s no substance there at all. And I think it’s because we let women vote. Women have been voting now based on their ‘feels’ for many years. They brought us Obama, no substance.”

“It’s all just girls, girls, girls playing politics,” McInnes said.

Wintrich said he wanted to know when liberals would realize that “playing the intersectionality game to elect people” results in “terrible people that are ruining the country.”

Well, he does have a point. We elected Donald Trump because he exploited identity politics and he is quite busy ruining the country. Because if exploiting racial grievances, courting white supremacists and playing on nativism and anti-immigrant bigotry isn’t identity politics, what could that term possibly mean? Oh, I know. It really just means liberalism. And liberalism includes allowing women to vote, apparently. And that’s a bad thing because women might actually vote for people that McInnes and Wintrich are bigoted against. How sad for them.

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