The Daily Caller’s Impotent Response to CFI on Prayer

After Paul Ryan defended calls for prayer in the wake of the church shooting in Texas, the Center for Inquiry put out a press release calling on him to do something that actually matters. Eric Owens, the education editor of the Daily Caller, wrote a juvenile and substance-free response to us “sad, lonely atheists.”


Robyn Blumner, the CEO of the Center for Inquiry, responded to Ryan with a press release charging that Ryan’s statements about prayer in response to a mass shooting are “responsible for the nation’s polarization.”

“There is no evidence that intercessory prayer has any effect on earthly events, as numerous controlled studies have shown, and it won’t save anyone from future atrocities,” Blumner said. “So instead of dismissing legitimate criticism, the Speaker should work toward evidence-based solutions to the pressing national issue of gun violence.”

“Individuals and communities are free to pray, worship and heal as they wish,” the atheism CEO graciously allowed.

Read the whole thing and you’ll see what’s missing: A single statement of fact that disputes what Blumner said. He doesn’t provide the evidence for the efficacy of prayer that she rightly says there is no evidence for, nor does he attempt to. He just writes an insulting bit of snark, as if that answered anything she said. I think the Daily Caller may be violating child labor laws by employing this putz.

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