Zeigler Supports Racist League of the South

Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler was one of the first people to defend Roy Moore against allegations that he sexually molested a 14 year old girl and dated girls between 16 and 18 while he was in his 30s and working as a prosecutor. Turns out Zeigler is also a supporter of racist, secessionist group the League of the South.


Zeigler spoke to the League of the South (LOS) at its Wetumpka, Alabama, headquarters building in September 2015. Although there is no transcript or recording of the speech available, both Zeigler and LOS leader Michael Hill told reporters after it became public that his speech was a jeremiad against the temporary removal of the portraits of segregationist Gov. George Wallace and his wife from the Statehouse.

Zeigler created a Facebook page about the event at the time, describing the LOS’ membership as “salt-of-the-earth folks.” Earlier the same year, he had angrily attacked the “purge of Confederate history” that he saw in the removal of some Confederate memorabilia from a museum in the capital of Montgomery.

When Zeigler was criticized for speaking to and legitimizing the LOS, he said the gathering has been akin to “a Sunday school picnic.” He repeated that he did not see the LOS as a hate group but one defending traditional culture.

The League of the South is a neo-Confederate group that still believes that the south should secede from the union and that slavery was a much milder institution than it is portrayed in the history books. They’ve also bordered on becoming domestic terrorists, forming a paramilitary wing a few years ago to fight what they see as the inevitable race war/second civil war.

None of this is at all surprising. Moore’s primary rich benefactor, Christian Reconstructionist Michael Peroutka, was on the board of the LOS for many years and has argued for secession himself. And Moore allowed the LOS to use the headquarters of his Foundation for Moral Law for their annual Secession Day celebration twice just a few years ago. They’re all peas in the same rotten, racist pod.

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