Root: Moore Did Nothing Wrong Because Obama and Hillary Clinton are Gay

Root: Moore Did Nothing Wrong Because Obama and Hillary Clinton are Gay November 14, 2017

Trump bootlicker Wayne Allyn Root is leaping to the defense of Roy Moore even as the White House is hoping he’ll get out of the Senate race in Alabama, making the bizarre and irrelevant argument that Moore’s actions are fine because Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are gay.


Root said that based on the photos he has seen of the women who have accused Moore of pursuing them when they were teenagers, “they were beautiful young girls and they could have passed for 20” and so even if Moore did “hit on a couple of them,” it is no big deal because “every time a see a video or picture of [Joe Biden], he’s got his hand inappropriately on a woman’s ass.”

“Where is The Washington Post to dig into Hillary Clinton’s background?” Root asked. “Where are the women Hillary’s dated all these years? How come they don’t come forward? Where are they? Everybody knows about them.”

After Root suggested that Clinton was responsible for the deaths of Vince Foster and Seth Rich, he also demanded to know why the press never covered the rumors regarding Obama.

“I’ve heard the rumors about Bathhouse Barry,” he said. “Everyone has. Bathhouse Barry, well known in Chicago. By the way, not a rumor from a stranger I don’t know, rumors from my friends in Chicago, who are people in the know who tell me Barack Obama has a sordid past.”

Well gee, Wayne, maybe none of those people have stepped forward because they don’t actually exist. Certainly there is every incentive to do so. They’d make a ton of money on it and get their 15 minutes of fame, and yet no one has ever produced any evidence for those claims. That’s why all you can do is refer to “rumors” rather than evidence. But even if it were true, even if both Clinton and Obama are gay, how exactly would that make it okay for Roy Moore to try to have sex with girls 14-18 years old?

The arguments being made are just so terrible, but what else can they do? It’s not like they have good arguments they could be making instead.

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