Those Obsessed with Pedophiles Defend Moore

The paranoid far right — Alex Jones, Mike Cernovich, Jack Prosobiec and their ilk — are absolutely obsessed with conspiracy theories involving pedophiles. Jones even claims there are pedophile camps on Mars, for crying out loud. But faced with credible accusations of child molestation against a fellow wingnut, they’re all coming to his defense.


Here’s Alex Jones defending Roy Moore on his show:

And his employee, Paul Joseph Watson:

Jack Prosobiec actually doxxed one of the accusers, then later deleted that tweet. And Cernovich lied to make a comparison to Bob Menendez, saying, “Bob Menendez is facing federal criminal charges, is accused in a court of law, by prosecutors, of underage sex trafficking, and [the] media[’s] like, ‘Let’s pretend it isn’t even happening. They’re just covering it up.” But Menendez is on trial for bribery, not child trafficking or any other charge involving sex.

So we have all these people who make outlandish claims about pedophile rings in the basement of a pizza place that doesn’t even have a basement, who claim that there’s a global pedophile ring run by the Illuminati, all with zero evidence. And yet every single one of them is now suddenly hyper-skeptical of allegations from real people against a real person, corroborated by contemporary accounts. Funny how the standards change when they don’t want to believe something.

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