Crokin: God Will Reward My Crackpottery

Deranged conspiracy nut Liz Crokin says she isn’t worried about people laughing at her or not taking her seriously for her constant prattling on about global pedophile conspiracies because she knows God will reward her crackpottery on judgment day.


In an interview with the America First Media Group last week, Crokin said that while she has suffered personally and professionally because of her crusade to expose supposed rampant pedophilia and child sacrifice, she would “rather be poor and getting the truth out there and being on the right side of God and history.”

“Judgment Day is coming and not only is God going to unleash His wrath on the pedophiles, He’s also going to unleash his wrath on the people that knew about it and covered for it,” Crokin said. “People like us will be rewarded by God … People like us who have been censored and punished for having politically conservative viewpoints, supporting Trump and especially the people that have hurt us for trying to help children and save children from predators, there will be a day where we will not have to worry about our bills and we will get lifestyle that we deserve.”

But of course, Crokin is defending Roy Moore on Twitter. What a shock. Now go back to watching the Wizard of Oz.

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