Another Hail Mary Pass Considered on Roy Moore

As Roy Moore takes a pounding in the polls and remains defiant that he will stay in the race for Jeff Sessions’ old Senate seat, Republicans are considering yet another hail Mary pass to try to retain that seat. The new possibility is having incumbent replacement Sen. Luther Strange resign, forcing the government to restart the clock on the replacement election so Moore can be defeated in another Republican primary.


Republican leaders are exploring a dramatic remedy to salvage the Alabama Senate seat as fresh polling shows Roy Moore’s prospects fading fast.

With less than four weeks until the special election and no sign that the party’s besieged nominee will exit the race, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his top advisers are discussing the legal feasibility of asking appointed Sen. Luther Strange to resign from his seat in order to trigger a new special election.

McConnell aides express caution, saying they’re uncertain whether such a move, one of several options being discussed, is even possible. Yet the talks underscore the despair among top Republicans over relinquishing a seat in deep-red Alabama, further diminishing their slim Senate majority.

This is really uncharted territory when it comes to the legalities. As a general rule, such matters are left up to each state, but the 17th Amendment does apply here as well. What would end up happening, I imagine, is a court fight over it, which would likely delay the election, which would be their entire goal anyway.

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