Alabama Media Group Laughs Off Lawsuit Threat from Moore

Alabama Media Group Laughs Off Lawsuit Threat from Moore November 20, 2017

Last week, Roy Moore’s ambulance-chasing hack attorney sent a terribly written huff and puff letter to the Alabama Media Group, which owns three newspapers and the website, and to the Washington Post, threatening to sue them over allegedly inaccurate stories. AMG is pretty much laughing in Moore’s face.


Moore’s camp has twice threatened the Alabama Media Group, home to, according to a letter from a lawyer for the company. “You have accused of making ‘false reports and/or careless reporting’ about multiple subjects related to your clients,” reads the letter from John Thompson of Lightfoot Franklin White LLC. “Your letter demands that retract and recant its prior stories and that it ‘cease and desist’ from any further reporting about your clients,” reads the letter.

“ hereby rejects your demand,” it continues.

Michelle Holmes, vice president of content for Alabama Media Group (AMG), tells the Erik Wemple Blog that the company lacks specificity on just what stories have offended Roy Moore, Kayla Moore and their Foundation for Moral Law. “As the letter outlines, these demands appear to be a show more than they are a serious attempt to question what we believe to be fully legitimate, serious reporting,” says Holmes. The letter states, “You have not explained how anything that has reported is untrue, inaccurate or erroneous, nor do you provide any support for your position.”

There are two things they know with nearly absolute certainty: Moore is not going to file a lawsuit, and if he did, it would be dismissed quickly. They have pretty much a zero chance of ever losing such a suit. So Moore’s attorney can huff and puff all he wants, but he isn’t going to blow their house down and they know it. They also know that the last thing Moore wants is to open himself up to discovery motions and subpoenas that would uncover even more dirt on him, or at least confirm what was previously reported.

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